Art teachers in Jeanette's two day NSEAD URBAN DRAWING WORKSHOP at Kingston University

After an introduction on how artists sketched and drew cities, the teachers then went outside and had to
produce a set of drawings that they based their large drawing upon. Back in the studio I then built in a
number of imaginative and inventive exercises in to the days that helped them to produce an interesting
and surprising final piece.

''I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanette and Paul when I invited them to run drawing workshops for our art
and design teachers. The workshops were extremely well received and Jeanette and Paul returned year after year by
popular demand, many teachers contacting us beforehand to make sure that Jeanette and Paul would be there!
Jeanette and Paul run different workshops grounded in their own creative practice, so as a participant you are really
engaging with an artist as well as a teacher. The workshops are very well taught and very supportive, but with enough
mix of challenge and surprise that you move out of your comfort zone, learn something new, move your own ideas
forward and take something away that sustains you for months to come''.
Lesley Butterworth, General Secretary NSEAD
We have been involved in many different workshops and have included a small number of examples
here.  We have also worked on a two day workshops and weekend teachers workshops for the NSEAD.
We are flexible and can also discuss your specific projects. There is a possibility of weekend, holiday
and evening workshops and we are happy to consider working on Summer Schools.
I did a number of half-day workshops at  the Frances Bardsley
Academy - Romford covering different year groups drawing from
a huge still-life that their art dept assembled, and sometimes I
combined this with drawing from city photos I brought in.

''Jeanette quickly forms a great relationship with the students offering
just the right blend of challenge plus support for them to be very
successful - without exceptions, they all enjoyed their drawing workshop
and were proud of what they produced! Jeanette encourages students to
make ambitious drawings, she teaches them how to look and record
creatively what they see. The impact of the workshops has led my
students to produce some outstanding, large scale pieces for their
A'Level exam. The energy Jeanette brings to her workshop delivery is
contagious and the students respond in kind, with commitment and
complete trust in her knowledge and expertise''.
Jacinta Appleby HOA Frances Bardsley Academy
I worked for many years on the Barking and Dagenham Summer School for Gifted and Talented Students sketching
in many different locations including the Ford's Factory, Chatham Docks and the London Eye. We would then go
back to the school to expand the sketches done outdoors and also work on imaginative exercises and from photos.
I worked with students doing a one day
drawing workshop at the fantastic Oxford
Natural History Museum. They worked on
observational drawings from the brilliant
collection and also imaginative exercises
and collage that combined both aspects.
''Jeanette has done many workshops over the years for me at Sherborne and I
am always struck by the way she relates so directly to the sixth form girls doing
the intensive day. It teaches them to feel as well as really look, and is much
more than just life drawing. The way the exercises build up during the day, you
see your students move from tentative and not a little self-conscious, to
confident and expressive. They are encouraged to have a dialogue with one
another after specific drawing experiences and there is no feeling of who is the
best. Indeed, one is often surprised by the students who produce the most
exciting drawing.
I particularly love the way she talks about the drawings of artists she admires;
this section of the workshop sometimes gets cut but I always ask her for it
because her comments are so much from an artist' point of view, and so
sensitive to the marks that we are seeing on screen''.
Jenny Newman HOA Sherborne Girls' school
After an evening Urban workshop at Cranleigh school looking at mine and other artist's cityscape work
the students then did  imaginative exercises and worked inventively from city photographs. We went
out next day and had a day sketching in London on the Southbank and at Waterloo Station.

''Thank you so much for all your input into Tuesday's workshop and the day out in London. Your boundless
enthusiasm but also your rigorous determination to push the students beyond tired and easy approaches was
absolutely brilliant. I am sure the work done will have a big impact on their studies''.
James Nairne HOA Cranleigh School