For more information about the workshops contact
Jeanette and Paul at

We are based in London but are happy to travel beyond to schools we could reach for generally a
9.30 start and the day to finish at 3.30 for secondary schools and generally a 9.45- 2.45 day for
Primary schools. Half days are 2-3hours.

There is a possibility of staying in overnight b&b accommodation the night before if the school is a long
distance away, this and any additional expenses will be added to the full day fee.

For schools we ask for the fee to be paid as early as possible and at least 14 days beforehand;  
travel expenses etc will be invoiced to the school after the workshop. Further information on

Cancellation of workshops within a month of the agreed date will be charged at full-price, hopefully a
re-scheduled date can be found. Cancellation before that will incur part of the fee and be a matter of
agreement between Jeanette and Paul and the schools.

Full days at schools and colleges are generally  9.30 -  3.30 Secondary,  9.45 -  2.45 Primary.
Fee is £260 plus travel/accommodation and any additional costs.
The half day fee for both secondary and primary workshops is £175 for 2/3 hours

Travel in zones 1- 4 of London will be included in the fee, travel outside this will be an additional

Jeanette and Paul have CRB certificates.
We advise students on the day courses in London to pay as soon as possible to secure a place
(Due to the limited number of students on the course we are unable to give refunds for
cancellations but hopefully alternatives dates may be available.)
An e-mail will be sent to students after contact with course information and payment advice.

London Summer day courses are £4
5 and run from 10.30-4.30
''The workshops delivered by Paul and Jeanette are well planned and resourced and extremely good value for
Jacinta Appleby HOA Frances Bardsley Academy.