Fantastic Towers workshop taught by Jeanette usually for primary
school students at Key Stage 2 (although a number of teachers have asked
about running these for older students which is a possibility)

Firstly we discuss architecture, especially the proliferation of towers
being built, discuss how children would improve cities, look at how
certain artists have represented cities and then through an
instinctive mark-making exercise they learn to use their materials in a
number of ways and then draw their own imaginative towers.
Depending on the day/half a day format they will either then begin to
build the towers out of biscuits and liquorice allsorts or go on to
make other city drawings first, looking at future cities, talking about
energy and sustainability etc. They will also, time willing, sketch their
towers before a brief chat about recycling when we take that theme
to it's obvious conclusion and eat (some) of the towers. (one of my
favourite workshops!)

Full day  10-2.45
Half a day workshop  2 - 3hours
Materials extra.
Clay figure and drawing workshop

We had a fantastic time teaching the entire school of St. Thomas's C of E Primary School over a number of
sessions,( year groups taught separately) including an evening workshop for teachers. We did figure drawing and
then an Olympic clay figure workshop. I brought in a clothed model and the children and teachers worked directly
from this, except the 3-4year olds who did some great work  decorating clay gingerbread men. (They were very
specific on what materials they wanted to use and where these would go! Our lovely model Anna became the
helper, a much needed extra pair of hands.) The school supplied the clay and the cost of a model was extra.

The workshops were fabulous, the children really enjoyed the sessions and produced some lovely charcoal
drawings and sculptures. It was a pleasure having
Jeanette and her team at St Thomas's, thanks to them for all
their hard work and enthusiasm.''
Ellie Dowthwaite  - St Thomas's C of E School
Exploring Drawing for 8-13 year olds
(Drawing for this group is becoming more and more important and indeed is a demand of the curriculum)

An engaging introduction to the world of drawing which uses observation, imagination and experiment
in a packed day of exploration and activity. Suitable for 8-13 year olds, this workshop is designed to
encourage the confidence to use drawing as a creative tool rather than a means to simply copy. The
subject of drawing and the many ways in which a drawing can be made is discovered through a range
of enjoyably challenging tasks which build on each other to create a fuller awareness of what drawing
can do.

Full day  10-2.45
Half a day workshop  2 - 3hours
Materials extra.
I have done many workshops for Big Draw - the Campaign for Drawing, generally teaching drawing,
usually involving hundreds of participants of all ages at Somerset House, Trafalgar Square etc. but I have
also worked with schools doing the Fantastic Towers project, examples of these above. Jeanette

''The many workshops Jeanette has run for the Campaign for Drawing have been distinguished by the quality of the
work of the participants. Her own enthusiasm for intense observation, energetic marks and dynamic drawing are
always reflected in the results of the workshops she leads. She has a rare gift for motivating and enthusing people of
all ages, from school first years to adults who haven't drawn since school. She not only prepares fully and
imaginatively for each activity, but generously shares her own passion for creativity, focused observational work,
experimental and imaginative interpretation

That's why we have involved her in so many of our school and Big Draw programmes''.

Sue Grayson Ford - Campaign for Drawing - Campaign Director
On this page we are offering two Junior workshops, Fantastic Towers and Exploring Drawing
generally for 8-13 year olds
By a group of seven  to eight year olds
By a group of 3 year olds